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Not all items are kept in stock. There is a 2-7 business day processing time before the shipment of your order depending on the time of year and whether your ordered items are in stock.

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Gifts & Accessories

Gifts & Accessories at Dancewear Online!
3 Row AB Crystal Rhinestone Stretch Choker
Product ID : DOL 3 Row AB Choker
3 Row Clear Crystal Rhinestone Stretch Choker
Product ID : DOL 3 Row Clear Choker
Angelo Luzio BR1 Suede Leather Brush
Product ID : Angelo Luzio BR1
AY0020 FH2 2 row rhinestone barrette
Product ID : AY0020
AY0062 FH2 ponytail
Product ID : AY0062
AY0301 FH2 Lashes
Product ID : AY0301
AY0308 FH2 Lashes
Product ID : AY0308
AZ0001/ AZ0002 FH2 Rhinestone earrings
Product ID : AZ0001/ AZ0002
AZ0028 FH2 Hair Pins
Product ID : AZ0028
AZ0029 FH2 Hair Pin
Product ID : AZ0029
AZ0031 FH2 Bun Cover
Product ID : AZ0031
AZ0031-1 FH2 Bun Cover (Child Size)
Product ID : AZ0031-1
AZ0033/AZ0033-1/AZ0033-2 FH2 signature bun cover TM
Product ID : AZ0033/AZ0033-1/AZ0033-2
AZ0170 FH2 Lashes
Product ID : AZ0170
AZ0172 FH2 Lashes
Product ID : AZ0172
B Plus Printworks Playing Cards
Product ID : BPlus Playing Cards