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Not all items are kept in stock. There is a 2-7 business day processing time before the shipment of your order depending on the time of year and whether your ordered items are in stock.

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Pointe Shoes

Pointe Shoes at Dancewear Online!
Capezio 1136W/1137W Developpe Pointe Shoes
Product ID : 1136W/1137W
Gaynor Minden Sculpted Fit Pointe Shoes
Product ID : Sculpted
Bloch ES0150L Clearance Balance Pointe Shoes
Product ID : ES0150L Clearance
Bloch S0132 Suprima Pointe Shoe
Product ID : S0132
Capezio 176 Clearance Contempora Pointe Shoes
Product ID : 176 Clearance
Bloch ES0150L Balance Pointe Shoes (Not Stocked)
Product ID : ES0150L
Capezio 197 Plie II Pointe Shoe
Product ID : 197
Grishko 2007 Pro Pointe Shoe
Product ID : 1509P
Grishko 2007 Pointe Shoes
Product ID : 1509
Mirella MS140 Whisper Pointe Shoes (Not Stocked)
Product ID : MS140
Grishko 1525 Miracle Pointe Shoes
Product ID : 1525
Bloch S0172 Eurostretch Pointe Shoes (Not Stocked)
Product ID : S0172
Mirella MS101A Advanced Pointe Shoe (Not Stocked)
Product ID : MS101A
Bloch S0155 Tensus Demi-Pointe Shoe
Product ID : S0155
Capezio 1118 Demi Pointe
Product ID : C1118
Capezio 1116 Demi Pointe
Product ID : 1116
Bloch SO109 Hannah Pointe Shoe (Not Stocked)
Product ID : SO109
Bloch S0165 Demi-Pointe Shoes
Product ID : S0165